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In order to encourage the development of a strong and prosperous economic environment, the Canadian government seeks business people with sufficient business experience and necessary assets to come to Canada and establish new businesses or buy, manage and improve existing businesses. Successful candidates are those who can invest in Canada, start businesses in Canada and generate revenues and employment for Canadians.

Start up Visa Program : This program is aimed at successful business owners or part-owners with significant experience who have the intention and ability to own and manage a business in Canada, which generates revenues and employment. The business must be supported by an organisation on Canada's Start-up Visa Designated Organizations List.

Self Employed Persons Program: This program is aimed at persons with relevant experience in world-class athletics or cultural activities or with farm management experience, who have the intention and ability to become self-employed in Canada.

Provincial Business Entrepreneur Program: These programs are unique to each province. Each province manages its own entrepreneur programs and generally follow a multi-step process to permanent residence. Candidates express an interest in the province and if selected by the province, submit a complete application which is assessed by the province’s immigration authorities. If approved, you will be required to sign a Performance Agreement and apply for a work permit. You will initially enter Canada as a worker and if the requirements of the Performance Agreement is met, you will receive the provincial nomination. Based on that selection or nomination, you may apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence.

The majority of these provincial business immigration programs require active participation in the management of a business based on investment and job creation for Canadians and Permanent Residents. The programs vary in the requirements to qualify but generally require a minimum net worth (as per requirements of each province) with relevant management experience, qualifications and English language requirements among other eligibility factors.

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